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F-Secure in brief

F-Secure in brief

F-Secure is a Finnish and globally operating cybersecurity company. F-Secure designs and offers award-winning security and privacy products and services that help tens of millions of consumers to protect themselves against online threats. F-Secure’s offering includes a comprehensive range of cyber security products and services related to endpoint security, privacy protection, password management and digital identity protection, and router security that protects consumers' entire connected home.

On 17 February 2022 the Board of Directors of WithSecure Corporation published a plan to pursue the separation of its Consumer Security business through a partial demerger, with the creation of a new independent company named F-Secure Corporation. The completion date of the demerger was June 30, 2022. The trading in the new Consumer Security company’s shares on Nasdaq Helsinki started on July 1, 2022.

Global presence

F-Secure operates globally in over 100 countries and has offices in multiple cities with its headquarters in Helsinki, Finland. At the end of the year 2023, F-Secure employed around 484 employees.

The majority of F-Secure revenue come from selling products and services through its extensive and global Channel Partner network, including approximately 200 Channel Partners. Channel Partners include, for example, communication service providers, retailers, banks, and insurance companies.

In addition to selling products through Channel Partners, F-Secure makes standalone and all-in-one security offerings available to consumers through various e-commerce channels such as mobile application stores and its own online store.

Mission and vision

F-Secure’s vision is to become the number one security experience company in the world. Consumers’ lives are a constant flow of digital moments - from the way they socialise, relax and learn to how they shop, work, discover and perform everyday tasks. All this makes consumers increasingly vulnerable to cybercriminals.

To realise its vision in practice, F-Secure strives to make all digital moments more secure for everyone. For consumers, F-Secure focuses on providing a single application for all the solutions consumers need to keep them-selves and their families secure.

Also, as consumers adopt more smart devices, they should become seamlessly protected while encouraging adoption throughout the family, driving peace of mind for parents and kids alike. F-Secure will, at the right time, in terms that consumers relate to, give consumers data-driven and relevant information on how they’ve been protected.


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